Internet doesn’t evolve around you

Scott Karp writes about his experiences with the new Yahoo mash service. His article draws up all kinds of questions about social networks and their targeted audiences. The difficulty with all of these networks is that one size doesn’t fit all. There is always a tension between the size of the targeted users (is it a niche or not), and the advertisers you need for your business model to work. It seems that most social network attempts try to become a new myspace or facebook, targetting very large populations. But for precisely that reason it often doesn’t seem to fit very well when joining. But smaller communities struggle with their business models as well. In a Dutch article on fabchannels attempts to add comercial video adds to their service (you can watch music concerts there), a spokesman of fabchannel says “visitors haven’t complained about the video adds yet). Hmm, that doesn’t sound like the user is thrilled to watch these video adds either.

I think the selection of Time magazine, declaring YOU to be the most important person of 2006 is totally wrong. It is still the entrepreneur trying draw your attention to get you to his portal, or the advertiser pushing his message to you. But the internet doesn’t evolve around YOU (yet)! That is only a story they are trying to make us believe. What do you think, are there services out there that are all about you?

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