Web 2.0 according to Rolf Skyberg of eBay

Marketingfacts pointed me to a nice presentation of Rolf Skyberg, disruptive innovator at eBay. Rolf discusses the evolution of the Internet and puts it into a historical context. When reading it this way, he shows us that the evolution to web 1.0 and 2.0 isn’t as unpredicted as we thought. When going forward he points out some very basic lessons of the past that still apply to the future. Read the presentation yourself. He does a much better job than I explaining this. Thanks for the inspiration Rolf. I liked it!

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3 Responses to Web 2.0 according to Rolf Skyberg of eBay

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  2. Alexander van Elsas says:

    Hi Chris, thanks for the addition. I didn’t know about the video The machines are us/ing us. Really makes you (Re) think doesn’t it? Excellent!

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