A cold case of SNIF, or Social Network Invitations Fatigue

Just saw Robert Scoble, probably one of the world heaviest social network users (in number of networks and size of his network), exclaiming he isn’t going to try out any more new initiatives unless at least 100 people ask him too do so. Judging the comments he got on that post, he isn’t the only one getting a little fed up (although, he does mention it might just be fatigue related to his newborn). Have you noticed there are more people complaining about it? Are we all falling for SNIF (Social Network Invitations Fatigue)? There are announcements for new initiatives each day. It is impossible to keep up. We now need profile services that can integrate all our profile services that actually integrate all my profiles on the Internet (anyone following this?). Pretty soon I will be hiring people that will integrate all these integration services for me, thus creating my super Internet profile for me! Sort of ties in nicely with my previous observations suggesting the Internet doesn’t evolve around you doesn’t it? Any takes on a better name describing this phenomenon? Anyone got suggestions how to cure SNIF?


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1 Response to A cold case of SNIF, or Social Network Invitations Fatigue

  1. CRAIG says:

    Anyone has invites to Zingku… would really appreciate one! I have some to Jaiku if wanted!!



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