Tara Hunt video presentation on Social Capital at Eday

Just saw a very nice and complete overview of all the different presentations at Eday in the Netherlands. Thanks to Frank Janssen of FrankWatching for this. One that stands out for me is the presentation by Tara Hunt, called “how to make a gabillion dollars on community marketing”. Tara Hunt and Chris Messina, are the founders of Citizen Agency. Her message ‘People don’t buy brands, they buy hope, stories, memories, necessities is well known. The video can be watched here, skip past the first minute or so if you don’t speak Dutch. The presentation can be found here, although it isn’t any good without Tara presenting it. I reported on the Rolf Skyberg presentation on “web 2.0: how did we get here and what’s next” and on earlier, but there is lots more to look at in the overview. Enjoy.


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