Following the emotions of millions of people!

Just saw an incredible presentation of Jonathan Harris, artist and storyteller on Picnic 2007. Jonathan has done several amazing projects regarding the feelings, memories, daily activities of human beings on a global scale.  One of his great projects is called “we feel fine“. Since2 005 he scans all blog posts containing the phrase “I feel”, or “I am feeling”. He has a an excellent application that visualises all these emotions. You can select any entry you want, but also do cool things like look at the people in the age of 35 living in the USA were happy in 2007. Check it out, read what he has to say about it on his site and take your time exploring the universe he has created.

Another amazing project is called universe. Jonathan explains how a completely different browsing and searching paradigm, based upon a metaphor of the stars and constellations provides a unique, intuitive method of exploration, finding information in global news and information.Iit helps you to find your own personal mythology, based upon your own interests and curiosities.

I am truly impressed by his work, thumbs up Jonathan, that was really inspiring.

Following all the discussions on on-line advertisement, Microsoft investing heavily in Facebook, Google making loads of revenues on search based ads. Guys, take a very good look at what Jonathan has been doing. It isn’t something a social network, platform owner or advertiser would have come up with, but hey, he knows about the feelings of millions of people. He is a very smart guy, intuitively understanding something most of us haven’t. If a company with large collections of information about people, need I say more, be smart, they would hire him immediately. I know I would!


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  1. Alexander van Elsas says:

    Just added a link to a video presentation of Jonathan Harris on Youtube, look at the video sidebar on my weblog, or click on the following link:

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