The end of a defensive music industry era

With all the jittering and twittering on Google buying Jaiku some interesting posts might not get the attention they deserve.

First there is the excellent post by Ian Rogers (Yahoo Entertainment) on  8 waisted years in the music industry.

Then there were several more announcements (here) after Radiohead took the lead in letting the fans decide what to pay for their latest album. I already wrote a piece on the disruptiveness of that measure here.

Sounds like we are going into an exciting new phase of the music industry. If anyone can alter the worthless defensive strategies the industry came with from the inside it would be the bands and their fans!

I’m pretty excited about this. Music is a powerful emotions, communication and community driving factor. Let’s see what services will pop up in the next few months. It wouldn’t surprise me that the illegal downloading of music can be diminished to a small factor by creating the services people actually want, instead of treating them as thieves who cannot be trusted.


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1 Response to The end of a defensive music industry era

  1. Rian says:

    Hey Alex — I agree with you, I’m excited to see where Radiohead’s experiment takes the music industry. As a user experience professional, however, I’m disappointed in the site they set up for people to buy the album — it’s ugly and difficult to use ( Now if we can just combine great open network ideas with intuitive user interfaces 🙂

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