Looking for inspiration?

Sometimes I find myself stuck in a thought and not getting out of it. When that happens it is a signal to me that I need to get out and get inspiration form others. While a walk outside does a lot of great things for me there is also lots of fun things to find on the Web. So if you are in need of some inspiration here are a few suggestions:

Lynette Webbe from Google collects really excellent pictures and quotes about the digital world around us. Thanks to Erik van Roekel who pointed me to this.  Check out this slide show she has created for you (she also provides an rss feed on the site):


Anything from Ze Frank really, he always makes me laugh, think, surprised, you name it. Here is a recent favorite of mine, a muppet drum contest and Animal doesn’t win!

I got this one thanks to Rhymo.

This is something every child has dreams about, remember them? And these guys make it happen:

The video’s done by Mike Wesch and his students  from Kansas University should not be missed:

Here is a guy with one of the coolest jobs in the world!

Where the hell is Matt is an oldy but still fun to watch. And I like the music done by Deep Forrest:

How about the 10 videos that make you change your view of the world?

There is so much more to find and share. I try to collect video’s as I go along, you can always find them on the right side of my blog.

And, a lot of this stuff gets posted to my link blog.

Do you have any pointers to great material? Would love to hear from you!

Enjoy. Get out there and be inspired!

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4 Responses to Looking for inspiration?

  1. rocker hell says:

    Guess what? Your blog is amazing! I can’t remember when was the last time i’ve overcome such a good blog that almost all articles/posts were interesting and wouldn’t regret spending my time reading it. I hope you will keep up the great work you are doing here and i can enjoy my everyday read at your blog.

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  3. Alexander van Elsas says:

    Marketingfacts has uploaded the snippets from Lynnet with a little music underneath. For those of you that want to sit back and relax:

  4. Alexander van Elsas says:

    Just found a great Ze FRank video on inspiration. Thought I’d add that as well. Enjoy 🙂


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