Looking back at 2007 with a few lists of the best of..

It seems everyone is closing off 2007 with all different kinds of lists. I haven’t done that yet, but to make up for it, here are a few of mine:

My own 5 top posts in 2007:

  1. De zin en onzin van advertenties in sociale netwerken, an article I wrote (in Dutch) for the largest and most popular Dutch blog Marketingfacts.
  2. Counting down the downfall of Facebook as they set to introduce major add play
  3. The flaws in web 2.0 and how to correct them
  4. 10 ways to improve web 2.0 and move into an era of true interaction
  5. Well, this was too close to call, these two posts got an equal number of visits:

My top 5 blogs I like best (no particular order):

These people are smart, understand social networks, business, human behavior, make me laugh, provide me inspiration. If you ask me again tomorrow, I will end up writing a different list 😉

The top 5 video’s from 2007 I like best:

Top 5 presentations of 2007:






What are your top 5 lists for 2007?

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