Leaving for Κόρινθος

I’m going to be away on holiday for the next 2 weeks. No thinking about social media, web 2.0, business models, or user-centric webs. I’m going to follow up on my own advice and let go for a while. Just me and my family going to Greece where we will meet our family and have a great time. If any of you are out there this summer, I’ll be near Κόρινθος. If anyone wants to catch up with a cold μπύρα or an ούζο on the beach then twitter me and who knows 😉

I have had a great year so far. I’m really glad so many readers have been following my blog and reacting to the things I have written. Thank you for that 🙂

I hope you will still be there when I get back and muse again about this crazy social media world we live in.

I will leave you with a comic from Calvin and Hobbes.  I love them, and Bill Waterson can describe the feeling of summer vacation better than I ever could. I took this cartoon from a Calvin and Hobbbes Collection comic book called “Suicidal, Psycho, Jungle Cat”. If you like this, then check out my Calvin and Hobbes poem I wrote last Christmas about the most important things in life. I’m sure you will like that too 😉

See you all in about two weeks again.

PS. the image is a bit big for the WordPress theme I use. click on it to make it readable in a larger view.



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