Times have changed, I’ve joined Glubble

[disclaimer: this post is both personal and work related]

A few months ago I wrote on this blog that times were changing. I had just left my job at KPN, the largest Dutch Telecom Operator, and I was thinking about what to do next. I wanted to do something within the field I have written about on this blog. After I left I was approached by two good friends Ian Hayward and Willem Jan Schutte, to join their team on Glubble. Ian and Willem Jan have founded Glubble and had already launched their first service, a Firefox based environment for kids to explore the web in a fun and safe manner.

It didn’t take me too long to think about their offer. I have a lot of respect for their entrepreneurship and their drive to make the Internet experience for kids more fun and safe. For me it meant the switch from a huge company to a startup environment. I am now responsible for all operations and business development of the company. I get to work daily with talented people that not only have strong roots within the Mozilla community, but more importantly they have a passion for the user.

The past months have been comparable to a wild roller coaster ride. We have exciting ideas to move forward with the company and using our large user community as a customer board, we have started to build a new service. I’m really proud of the things the team has accomplished, and now the time has come to show the world what we have been doing. It’s going to be a very exciting launch for us and our customers.

I’m not going to reveal here what exactly we will be launching. We’ll get to that later. But I can tell you that Glubble will provide the whole family a fun and safe activities on the web. And, if you have read any of my posts the past year you will understand that we try to have a user centric focus, with a business model that will relate to user value.

This blog remains to be my personal blog. I write about social media technologies and their effects on human behavior. But I hope you’ll forgive me if every once in a while I’ll tell you a little bit about my experiences at Glubble. I have found that working in a  startup environment, with a passionate team and passionate customers has enriched my life and views considerably. It will be interesting to see what effects it has on the way I have always written about web 2.0 technology and human behavior.

If you are interested to see what the new Glubble service will look like then send me an e-mail. You’re more than welcome to give it a spin starting this Wednesday September 17th. I have preview invites that I can send you. Our official launch will be September 25th in San Fransisco. If you’re in the area and would like to join our launch event be sure to send me an e-mail about it. You can also follow me or Glubble on Twitter to get updates on this.

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3 Responses to Times have changed, I’ve joined Glubble

  1. pixites says:

    success with Glubble!

  2. @pixities, now why am I not surprised you would be one of the first to react 😉 Thank you !

  3. Roel says:

    Congrats and good luck with Glubble! I’ll be sending you an e-mail for an invite.

    I suspect one of the things we’ll see is a pay-for service that is worth paying for? 🙂

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