The need for parental involvement with young children online

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I’m really excited to announce that we are partnering with Highlights magazine to promote parental involvement with young children on the web. It’s a challenge any parent with children faces. Children go online at younger ages and are exposed to surfing and social networking. Parents want to be actively involved in this discovery process but often lack good tools or knowledge to support their children.

Together with Highlights Magazine, Glubble wants to encourage parental involvement and provide parents with useful tools and information to help them support their children. To kick off this partnership we are conducting an on-line survey with Highlights magazine about Kids and on-line safety.

Please help us out and take a few seconds to participate in this survey. Results will be published early November. Information on safe surfing will also be shared with Highlights subscribers and Glubble users, and be made available to the public at large. If you want to keep track of tips and useful information for parents with children on the web, take a look at our new Glubble News site.

A joint survey of Highlights Magazine and Glubble about kids safety on the web

A joint survey of Highlights Magazine and Glubble about kids safety on the web



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