We are live with the Family Timeline!

Glubble for Families

Glubble for Families

[disclaimer: this post is related to my job at Glubble]

It’s taken months of making plans, thinking things through, building, and testing. And now we are live. The Family Timeline is here.

Glubble aims to provide families a private place to connect online. It consists of a private family page with a ‘twitter for families-like’ message wall, and sharing of events and photos. And we provide integration with Firefox so that family members are notified in real time of new events taking place on the family page. Small children can participate too, with our Firefox with Glubble kids browser. It lets parents teach their children good digital citizenship and social networking in a safe family environment.

The Family Timeline

The Family Timeline

The Family Timeline is the latest addition to the service. Born out of a frustration that I am not very organized when it comes to my digital photos. I have tons of images on my computer, but I can’t find or browse them the way I want. The Family Timeline is an attempt to make life simpler and more fun for families.

When you upload photos to the Family Timeline they are placed automatically on a visual Timeline that allows easy navigation of your photos.

Time is a powerful concept when it comes to navigation. Events are important, but for me time is something I can relate events to. Our vacation in Greece last year, the birth of our children, a party at a friends house. I might not remember exact dates, but the Timeline lets me find these images really quickly.

The service provides you the flexibility to organize things your way, and attempts to help you by reading in the dates the photos are taken. The Family Timeline also incorporates your Family Events and messages,  providing an online archive of your most important family memories.

A personalized web page to share your photos with friends

A personalized web page to share your photos with friends

You can share photos outside your family if you want, you decide. No need to send big files through e-mail, instead a personalized web page where your friends can see and download the photos that you want to share.

We will add more sophisticated sharing options as we go along. One click posting to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter etc. But not by default,  you will remain in control. We will work on mobile uploads and importing photos you already have online.

For now, we provide a simple yet effective service. Your most important family memories and interactions online, visually attractive and easily navigated through time. It is a Freemium service. You can use it for free with some limitations, and upgrade to Premium if you  like the service. For $39,95 a year you can upload, store and share as many photos as you want, in high quality.

I would like to thank my team for doing a great job. A huge nr of volunteers that helped us test the service and improve it. And a special thanks to Steven Hodson who was there from the beginning, Robert Scoble and Louis Gray for hearing me out, providing excellent feedback and letting the world know what we are doing!

I’m really amazed at the great coverage too. TechCrunch, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, VentureBeat. There is more coming in all the time. The press release is right here. But honestly. The best post I’ve seen so far is right here.  A family giving the service a try. That is what this is all about!

If you want to give the Family Timeline a spin, you can register here.


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