Freemium and the art of letting it sink in for a few weeks

There is so much to read, so much to say, and no time to do all of that. This week several interesting posts about my favorite business model, Freemium appeared. All of them triggered by Chris Anderson’s new book, “Free”.

Posts you should be reading about this are:

A skeptic post by, and a followup questions and answers post series between the author and Chris Anderson himself.

Mark Cuban with a post explaining that anyone using Free will die by Free. My initial take is that is makes very broad claimes but doesn’t tie it very wel into the ‘free’ aspect.

And Fred Wilson, who I always find has a very good view when it comes to Freemium.

I have lots of thoughts about all of this, and no time to write them down. Sorry about this link post only, that is usually not my style. But hey, now you can make up your own mind about all of this, instead of having to read through mine 🙂 . I do know that my company has chosen to move forward with the Freemium business model, so I’ll be trying to avoid all pitfalls. I’ll be gone for 2 weeks for yet another great vacation in Greece, Korinthos. I might try to experiment with iPhone blog posting, but don’t count on it 😉

See you in 2 weeks!



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3 Responses to Freemium and the art of letting it sink in for a few weeks

  1. jonathanseely says:

    Wow… looks like we’re all thinking about the same thing! Check out this post I wrote yesterday: I’d greatly value your opinion on it.

  2. Marty Thomas says:

    Hi.. Your post got me thinking… What is more valuable for a software company (like facebook or flickr). 1,000 paying users or 100,000 non-paying users? What are your thoughts? View my blog post here:

  3. @Marty I’d always prefer 1,000 paying customers 🙂

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