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The one thing that Google Nexus One has over the iPhone

Lots of posts up this morning about the launch of the Google Nexus One. While I fully understand that most of them focus on a (technological) comparison between the Nexus One and the iPhone (the king of the smart handhelds), … Continue reading

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5 predictions for 2010

Since everyone seems to be doing them I thought I’d give a shot at some predictions for 2010. No, I don’t carry a magic ball. And since I am primarily¬† interested in the usage of technology, instead of the technology … Continue reading

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An open letter to Eric Schmidt

Dear Mr Schmidt, You are the CEO of one of the most innovative, successful and remarkable companies in the world. I deeply admire what Google has achieved in the past years. You’ve created the best search experience in the world, … Continue reading

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The power of OpenID

[disclaimer: this post is related to my work as CEO of Glubble] Yesterday was a big day for Glubble, a private social network for (extended) families including small children. We introduced the ability to register and log in to Glubble … Continue reading

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The human factor in social media (revisited)

Last year I wrote 3 (rather long) thought experiments I pretentiously called ‘The human factor in Social media’. You can find part 1, part 2, and part 3 here. I was reading them back recently and thought about what came … Continue reading

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I do not recommend that you read this

Recommendations are a powerful feature on the social web. They represent real value, just look at the king of recommendations making huge revenues with it. And while I do look at them at times, I am always a bit … Continue reading

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To be free we need to break free of web 2.0 thinking

You’re meeting someone at a party for the first time. He introduces himself to you. “Hi. I’m Tim Eastwood. I’m 29 years old, live in San Francisco. I’m married to Laura, have 3 children Joe, James, and Jenny.” During the … Continue reading

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Why Google will win: entrapment in the iPhone is a failing long-term strategy

Entrapment can be an effective strategy when you are building up a business. Marketers tend to call that customer lock-in. From the perspective of the business this sounds like a great thing to do. Hook the customer to your business … Continue reading

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Google Wave is a plumbing project for the web

So, Google Wave makes people unproductive? Says Robert Scoble in a good post where he writes down his first impressions with the new service. Robert says: It is noisy, but the noise often happens way down in a wave deep … Continue reading

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Two falses do not make a right

If a woman is raped, do you feel it’s her fault because she was dressed sexy and flirting a bit? If a tourist gets mugged on the streets of New York, would you agree that it’s his own fault because … Continue reading

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A User-Centric Web needs brand agnostic service providers

A User-Centric web is by design a brand agnostic web when it comes to identity. There is only one brand, and that is you. The current web causes different types of problems that can be lead to possibly 2 design … Continue reading

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Building a People-Centric web is a fight for a lost cause

A number of posts drew my attention this week. First, 2 respectable media outlets explain us that the Facebook exodus has started. While I am not a big fan of Facebook (its their business model I don’t like), both the … Continue reading

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The difference between a good and a great entrepreneur

Michael Arrington provides good insight into a current dilemma for Twitter. Should Twitter turn revenues on or keep them off? The dilemma being that a revenue-less but growing company will lead to speculative valuation and therefore possibly a high acquisition … Continue reading

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Growth and traffic are no guarantee for a profitable online business

37Signals has a great post up, entitled “The bar for success in our industry is too low”. The author, Jason, takes several examples where respectable media (NY Times, GigaOM) take a story of a web company showing growth, traffic, and … Continue reading

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About leveraging the Facebook platform successfully for your business

Yesterday I read a post by Jesse Stay entitled “Hey businesses, you’re using Facebook wrong”.¬† Let me start off by saying I have a lot of respect for the author. I think Jesse is right about the power that Facebook … Continue reading

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On Facebook, status updates, retweets, and the universal law of signal versus noise

Maybe we should consider to rename this ‘social media’ era into the ego broadcasting era. That thought struck my mind when reading a WSJ post entitled ‘How Facebook ruins friendships’. The author discusses her fatigue with friends that send her … Continue reading

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How friend recommendations can make or break trust

Friend recommendations are becoming increasingly important in commercial transactions. They come in different forms using different technologies. The thought behind them is simple. When someone you know endorses (‘likes” is the buzz word nowadays) some advertisement/product/service/brand you will be more … Continue reading

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Important characteristics for a social operating system

Facebook is quickly making moves to become a web platform, a social operating system if you will. This is not something unexpected. Already in 2007 there were people thinking about a social operating system (see here, here, here). Nova Spivack … Continue reading

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The lock-in of Facebook takes away our freedom

Facebook is quickly becoming the biggest platform in the world. I have a serious problem with that. I don’t mind Facebook becoming a successful and profitable platform. I do mind that their current scale lets them dictate what the web … Continue reading

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My 2 cts on Facebook buying Friendfeed

So Facebook buys Friendfeed? It’s all over the bloghosphere. Here’s the announcement. Initial consent seems to be that it was inevitable, and that the Friendfeed crowd is now worried about the continuity of the service. My thoughts? I think this … Continue reading

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