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In a User Centric Web I get to control my data

I’m a big fan of the concept of a user centric web. That is, a web where things evolve around the user. In a user centric web there aren’t walled gardens. In a user centric web, the user is in … Continue reading

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Facebook is fighting a lost cause, they just don’t know it yet

I’m not sure what to think about the different blog posts covering the interview Mark Zuckerberg has given recently. The tech community seems to be giving Mark a pop star status,leading to witch burning scenario’s, well described by Michael Arrington … Continue reading

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To be free or not to be free, that is the question

This is a post I actually started writing at the end of 2007. But I had a hard time putting the finger on what it was really about. After today’s announcement of Google and Facebook now joining the work … Continue reading

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Freedom to the people (part 2)

In a previous post I talked about some major changes I would like to see happening to the current web. The most important aspect of that is to provide the user freedom again. I said: More than 2006, when Time … Continue reading

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Let Facebook be a data hog. User centric thinking will win in the end

Facebook is under fire, this time over data portability. A lot of debate is going on right now, but few address, in my opinion, what is the real issue. More on that further down the post, first a short overview … Continue reading

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