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Privacy is not dead, it is distributed unevenly

A famous oneliner from the CEO of Sun, Scott McNealy, in 2001 was “Privacy is dead, get over it”. It sounds true. This generation is growing up with Google, social networking, and having all relevant data on the web. We … Continue reading

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5 reasons why a User-Centric business model always wins

A few posts drew my attention this weekend. first there was Chris Anderson talking about the economics of giving it away. It seems to me that Chris is changing his tone of voice in FREE. Whereas he often has focused … Continue reading

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On Apple, Facebook, Google, Whuffie and why customer lock-in sucks

What is the difference between customer lock-in and customer value It’s huge! Customer lock-in is a marketeers wet dream. It is a bonus received at the end of the year. It is an internally focused measurement. It is EGO. If … Continue reading

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On diminishing network effects in web 2.0, social media and human limitations

This post is a followup of a series I did last year on ‘The Human factor in social media’. Technology allows us to be “always on”. To be part of a never ending conversation. Simply plug in, anywhere, and you … Continue reading

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Our need for interaction locks us up

MySpace has over 200 Mln registered users. Facebook follows fast with 140Mln registered users, and they are adding an astonishing new users every day. A rough estimate suggests that more than half a Billion people are registered in social … Continue reading

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Facebook Connect a privacy tool? Yeah Right!

A good article by Brad Stone at the NY Times entitled “Facebook aimes to extend its reach across the web”. Brad talks about Facebook Connect: Facebook Connect, as the company’s new feature is called, allows its members to log onto … Continue reading

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5 dangers of social media

Few people seem to realize or care about the dangers social media brings to our lives. Our online habits are changing rapidly from a closed, private behavior towards an open and sharing culture. While this brings us lots of good, … Continue reading

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On competition, web 2.0 sarcasm and watching television on Friendfeed

A few things that caught my attention this morning. First, an excellent review by Walter Mossberg on the new Google phone called G1. He describes many of its new features, strengths and weaknesses. My take on it? Competition is a … Continue reading

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Ignorance is bliss, a new privacy nightmare is born

Facebook announces that they have just integrated Microsoft Live Search into Facebook. Undoubtedly to generate some cash revenues next to the advertisement business they are in. Am I the only one that finds that they get scarier every day. Facebook … Continue reading

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Beacon and other forms of advertisement have no place in Social Interaction

Facebook is bringing us back Beacon again. According to Nick over at All Facebook Beacon had not really disappeared. It was just less intrusively in sight. A little storm appeared on Techmeme over it.. For the very few of you … Continue reading

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Email isn’t dead yet, but it needs radical innovation

Alex Iskold has a good write up on the competition e-mail is facing from broadcasting tools like blogs and twitter, discussion tools like forums and wiki’s, or business tools like Todo, CRM. He asks himself is E-mail in danger? He … Continue reading

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Who are you to think you are responsible for my privacy?

An interesting panel discussion with Google and Facebook opposing each other about data portabilty. Facebook refuses for now to implement Google’s FriendConnect. The reason Facebook won’t, according to spokesmen, lawyers and other executives is that Google violates their terms of … Continue reading

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On Twitter and the missed opportunity to execute a social utility business model

Bernard Lunn has written a good post on the (lack of) a social media business model. He writes about the difficulties for social networks to monetize using advertisement. Although he builds his storyline a bit different from me, he is … Continue reading

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Advertisement holds web 2.0 in a death grip

Scott Karp has written a good post on why traditional advertisement fails on the web. I am not sure if I agree with all of his observations/explanations, but I do like his take on it. In the end it boils … Continue reading

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Dear Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, you don’t have to control my data to provide me value

Yesterday John Furrier and Robert Scoble dominated tech discussions when they wrote about the possibility of Microsoft buying Facebook and then locking Google out of part of the web (the Facebook Walhalla that is). It seems like a possible scenario. … Continue reading

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Microsoft and Facebook will never succeed in locking down part of the web

I don’t usually respond so quickly to news. If you are familiar with my blog, it’s not a breaking news kind of blog. But the rumors that Microsoft might be buying Facebook are now quickly taking over TechMeme. Robert Scoble … Continue reading

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In a User Centric Web I get to control my data

I’m a big fan of the concept of a user centric web. That is, a web where things evolve around the user. In a user centric web there aren’t walled gardens. In a user centric web, the user is in … Continue reading

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Social “search” will not kill web search

Glenn Derene suggests that Social Networks might replace search giant Google as a place where people will start their search. He bases this on a conversation he has had with a VC. A quote from his post: So what is … Continue reading

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5 reasons why Facebook sucks

So Facebook allows its users to import content into their newsfeeds now? Competing with aggregators like Friendfeed? Big deal. The service is already loaded with features that provide no value, so adding a new one isn’t going to make it … Continue reading

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