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5 reasons why a User-Centric business model always wins

A few posts drew my attention this weekend. first there was Chris Anderson talking about the economics of giving it away. It seems to me that Chris is changing his tone of voice in FREE. Whereas he often has focused … Continue reading

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The best business models focus on user value

Fred Wilson just wrote a post called Free versus Paid. In it he says: It’s much better, in my opinion, to go with the freemium model, give a version of the service away for free to all comers, get a … Continue reading

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The phenomenal power of social media

I was going to write about an interesting topic today (will save that for another day) until I was reading through some blog posts and read a couple by Fred Wilson this morning. According to Steven Hodson Fred seems to … Continue reading

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The real value of Social media = Interaction

Fred Wilson writes about his vision of social media. He has a very simple definition for it: every single human being posting their thoughts and experiences in any number of ways to the Internet. I like it’s simplicity. Fred says … Continue reading

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Would you be willing to pay for a web 2.0 service that provides value?

The dominant web 2.0 business model is the FREE business model. It comes in many different variants, but the most widely used are the freemium business model (I always thought Fred Wilson came up with that term, but he says … Continue reading

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It’s about interaction stupid!

Justin Smith has an article up this morning (well for me anyways ;-)) in which he suggests that Facebook isn’t trying to be the biggest content or entertainment platform, but instead tries to dominate as a communications platform. In his … Continue reading

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Looking back at 2007 with a few lists of the best of..

It seems everyone is closing off 2007 with all different kinds of lists. I haven’t done that yet, but to make up for it, here are a few of mine: My own 5 top posts in 2007: De zin en … Continue reading

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The art of becoming successful

Fred Wilson has written 2 excellent posts on his personal success/failure rate as a venture capitalist, and on the reasons why early stage ventures fail. It is good reading material, especially if you are not in the venture capital business … Continue reading

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