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The power of OpenID

[disclaimer: this post is related to my work as CEO of Glubble] Yesterday was a big day for Glubble, a private social network for (extended) families including small children. We introduced the ability to register and log in to Glubble … Continue reading

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We are live with the Family Timeline!

[disclaimer: this post is related to my job at Glubble] It’s taken months of making plans, thinking things through, building, and testing. And now we are live. The Family Timeline is here. Glubble aims to provide families a private place … Continue reading

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Looking for testers of our new photo service

[disclosure: this post is related to my job as CEO of] I haven’t had a lot of time to blog lately. I regret that because I like thinking out loud here and I miss the interaction with the people … Continue reading

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Customer engagement improves the First Use Experience

[disclaimer: this post is related to the experiences I have at my job at] The most difficult thing to grasp when you are trying to build a consumer or mainstream service on the web is the notion that everyone … Continue reading

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Crossing the chasm is hard work but is well worth it

[Disclaimer: this post is related to my work at] I haven’t been writing on my blog the past few days. Makes me a little sad. The cause for the lack of posts is my current workload. I promised to … Continue reading

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Glubble for Families is live now

[Disclaimer: I am responsible for the new Glubble for Families release, so this post is related to my work at Glubble. If you want to follow what is happening over at Glubble I suggest you take a look at our … Continue reading

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