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Why trying to make add block users feel guilty will never work

Ars Technica has a post up in which they argue that ad blocking software seriously hurts their main revenue stream (advertisement). A quote from that post: My argument is simple: blocking ads can be devastating to the sites you love. … Continue reading

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Two falses do not make a right

If a woman is raped, do you feel it’s her fault because she was dressed sexy and flirting a bit? If a tourist gets mugged on the streets of New York, would you agree that it’s his own fault because … Continue reading

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The difficulty I have with privacy controls on Facebook

I’m not a regular user of Facebook. I’ve joined a long time ago, have given it a few tries and then stopped using it. There are many reasons I don’t use it. I’ve written a post a long time ago … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 progress is held back by Web 1.0 business models

I’ve often wondered how web 2.0 is really different from web 1.0. Most seem to agree that web 2.0 was an evolution in which we went from portals and destination to data and interactions. Web 2.0 is about interaction, social … Continue reading

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It is naive to think our online lives are not connected to real-life

There seems to be a strange disconnect between our online and offline lives. Different rules, norms and values seem to apply. It is as if our online personality is not connected to our real life. We act differently and feel … Continue reading

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Freemium is better than Free

A few interesting posts drew my attention this morning. First there was Dave Winer who predicts that on-line advertisement will be dead. Not because it will completely disappear, or that it’s growth will slow down considerable. But because it will … Continue reading

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Old fashioned advertisement tax gets in the way of our desire to view online video

Interesting post this morning on a new technology by Auditude that allows the identification of online video using the video content itself to create electronic signatures. This technology is more reliable than tagging as video’s that are posted on networks … Continue reading

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How 475Bln customer views can lead to ZERO value

I noticed a TechCrunch article this morning talking about lay-offs at one of the top 5 advertisement networks Adbrite. It’s always sad when a company has to let people go, but that wasn’t really what drew my attention. It was … Continue reading

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A shakeout of unhealthy advertisement sponsored web 2.0 businesses

There is some talk this morning on the possibility of on-line advertisement collapsing due to the current financial crisis. Svetlana Gladkova notes that when looking back at the Great Depression advertisement spent remained healthy and asks herself if we are … Continue reading

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The best business models focus on user value

Fred Wilson just wrote a post called Free versus Paid. In it he says: It’s much better, in my opinion, to go with the freemium model, give a version of the service away for free to all comers, get a … Continue reading

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Beacon and other forms of advertisement have no place in Social Interaction

Facebook is bringing us back Beacon again. According to Nick over at All Facebook Beacon had not really disappeared. It was just less intrusively in sight. A little storm appeared on Techmeme over it.. For the very few of you … Continue reading

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A recipe to the elixer of life

Read an amusing post this morning by Kevin Kelley. In a post called “Temporary becomes permanent” he muses about how some things end up becoming permanent, even if it wasn’t intended that way: Most permanent things begin as a temporary … Continue reading

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The Tech elite creates its own web 2.0 bubble

Kara Swisher created a little storm on TechMeme with a post called “Twitter, where no one knows your name“. In it she noted that no one really nows what Twitter (she asked a few friends). This created the usual river … Continue reading

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5 reasons why Facebook sucks

So Facebook allows its users to import content into their newsfeeds now? Competing with aggregators like Friendfeed? Big deal. The service is already loaded with features that provide no value, so adding a new one isn’t going to make it … Continue reading

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We need a revolution in ads, but this ain’t it yet

The Wall Street Journal just published an article written by  Esther Dyson, called “the Coming Ad Revolution”. It is an interesting article. I think Ms Dyson starts out right when she discusses the current bombardments of ad pressure that ultimately … Continue reading

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Current web 2.0 thinking is mediocre, lazy, and opportunistic

I had a great time reading though blog posts this morning. I am going to try and combine a few of the things I read and explain to you why web 2.0 thinking is becoming more and more mediocre. Let’s … Continue reading

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Freedom to the people (part 2)

In a previous post I talked about some major changes I would like to see happening to the current web. The most important aspect of that is to provide the user freedom again. I said: More than 2006, when Time … Continue reading

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The art of becoming successful

Fred Wilson has written 2 excellent posts on his personal success/failure rate as a venture capitalist, and on the reasons why early stage ventures fail. It is good reading material, especially if you are not in the venture capital business … Continue reading

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Anyone care for a free lunch?

Chris Anderson, of the long tail, wrote a nice post about the “free” business model. He gets a lot of questions on that, as people are often confused how it works (someone has to pay the bill, and someone has … Continue reading

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