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Life can be unfair sometimes

Approximately 4 weeks ago my mom went to visit a doctor because she had an ache somewhere. Nothing too serious, annoying and it just wouldn’t go away. It took another 2 weeks before a decision was taken to get X-rays. … Continue reading

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An open letter to Eric Schmidt

Dear Mr Schmidt, You are the CEO of one of the most innovative, successful and remarkable companies in the world. I deeply admire what Google has achieved in the past years. You’ve created the best search experience in the world, … Continue reading

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Who is going to add value to my remote control of life?

Today is another day after, this time the day after Google announced its Android Mobile OS initiative. Incredible amounts of posts have already been written about it, many of them talking about the breaking news, a lot of them analysing … Continue reading

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Yahoo News: Facebook not for close friendships according to researcher

Picked up a short message by Yahoo News from research done by Doctor Will Reader, from Sheffield Hallam University. He says that face-to-face contact is absolutely imperative to build a close relationships. I think he hits the spot right on, … Continue reading

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Getting permission to be a friend

I have been wondering about the way Facebook, Skype and many other social networking or communication tools enforce a 2- way handshake in order for me to start communicating with friends. I assume the reason for it is to ensure … Continue reading

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