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With privacy there is no middle ground

Lots of posts the past few days about the current Facebook privacy issues. Mark Zuckerberg is under attack. Not just for the latest Facebook update, but also personally for an alleged chat session that suggests he isn’t very respectful towards … Continue reading

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Facebook Connect a privacy tool? Yeah Right!

A good article by Brad Stone at the NY Times entitled “Facebook aimes to extend its reach across the web”. Brad talks about Facebook Connect: Facebook Connect, as the company’s new feature is called, allows its members to log onto … Continue reading

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Kevin Kelly’s vision for the future of the web calls for immediate action

I just watched Kevin Kelly’s presentation at the web 2.0 summit in San Francisco. He talked about the web in ten years from now.  A few quotes from his presentation (watch it here, it’s great): Evolution: Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented … Continue reading

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Ignorance is bliss, a new privacy nightmare is born

Facebook announces that they have just integrated Microsoft Live Search into Facebook. Undoubtedly to generate some cash revenues next to the advertisement business they are in. Am I the only one that finds that they get scarier every day. Facebook … Continue reading

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