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Two falses do not make a right

If a woman is raped, do you feel it’s her fault because she was dressed sexy and flirting a bit? If a tourist gets mugged on the streets of New York, would you agree that it’s his own fault because … Continue reading

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Design of an Open Social Interaction Network: Human needs

After I posted some of my observations about flaws in web 2.0, I received a lot of positive and smart reactions. Becoming a bit overconfident I suggested that we might be able to aid future service design by exploring with … Continue reading

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The flaws in web 2.0 and how to correct them part 2

After I wrote my earlier post called “The flaws in web 2.0 and how to correct them” I was surprised by the really positive replies and also the quality of the discussion that seems to have been triggered by it. … Continue reading

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Internet doesn’t evolve around you (part 2)

I was a little in a hurry in my previous post. In this post I argue that, despite what we are meant to believe, the Internet does not evolve around you. Perhaps services like Facebook, MySpace, but also the latest … Continue reading

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A new social networking generation rises

Have you ever noticed how fast young children pick up new trends on the Internet at elementary school? It is amazing really. My children come back from school and as soon as they get the chance they fire up the … Continue reading

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The myth of social networks?

Just saw a nice article by Carl Mangold in which he proposes to drop the term social network as research shows that the main reasons for users to generate content are fame and fun. Furthermore there are only few of … Continue reading

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