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The difficulty I have with privacy controls on Facebook

I’m not a regular user of Facebook. I’ve joined a long time ago, have given it a few tries and then stopped using it. There are many reasons I don’t use it. I’ve written a post a long time ago … Continue reading

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Is Friendrank crossing the thin line between commercial success and commercial exploitation?

Venturebeat reports this morning on a new service called FriendRank. According to the article the name is a playful variation on GoogleRank. Underneath however, the service isn’t about ranking friends (that’s only part of the service). The service aims to … Continue reading

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The future of Social Advertisment lies outside of Social Networks

Just a small update. Charlene Li has written her own post about the presentation she has given. Definitely worth a read. You can find it over here. I read a report on a talk Charlene Li gave on the future … Continue reading

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