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Observing social behavior through a fishbowl

Is human behavior changing because of the way the web has allowed us to interact, or  are we still following the same basic social rules as, lets say 10 years ago? My guess is that human behavior is affected around … Continue reading

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Social Networks from the service creators point of view

There was a panel discussion organised at Picnic 2007. With Jyri Enstrom of Jaiku, Matt Biddulph of Dopplr, Felix Petersen of Plazes, Biz Stone of Twitter, and Raymond Spanjar of Hyves as panel members I was waiting for an interesting … Continue reading

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Following the emotions of millions of people!

Just saw an incredible presentation of Jonathan Harris, artist and storyteller on Picnic 2007. Jonathan has done several amazing projects regarding the feelings, memories, daily activities of human beings on a global scale.  One of his great projects is called … Continue reading


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Yahoo News: Facebook not for close friendships according to researcher

Picked up a short message by Yahoo News from research done by Doctor Will Reader, from Sheffield Hallam University. He says that face-to-face contact is absolutely imperative to build a close relationships. I think he hits the spot right on, … Continue reading

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Why are we looking for Steve Fossett?

It’s interesting to see the number of posts on the disappearance of Steve Fossett and the call to help finding him using tools like Google Earth. I read about it on a post written by Michael Arrington at TechCrunch.  What … Continue reading

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