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Is Friendrank crossing the thin line between commercial success and commercial exploitation?

Venturebeat reports this morning on a new service called FriendRank. According to the article the name is a playful variation on GoogleRank. Underneath however, the service isn’t about ranking friends (that’s only part of the service). The service aims to … Continue reading

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Putting trust in your fans, a truly disruptive measure?

Just saw a nice article here about the release of the new album of Radiohead. Why am I writing about that? Well, because Radiohead has decided to dismiss of conventional distribution via the large record labels and instead let’s the … Continue reading

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Social Networks from the service creators point of view

There was a panel discussion organised at Picnic 2007. With Jyri Enstrom of Jaiku, Matt Biddulph of Dopplr, Felix Petersen of Plazes, Biz Stone of Twitter, and Raymond Spanjar of Hyves as panel members I was waiting for an interesting … Continue reading

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The myth of social networks?

Just saw a nice article by Carl Mangold in which he proposes to drop the term social network as research shows that the main reasons for users to generate content are fame and fun. Furthermore there are only few of … Continue reading

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