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20 Bln reasons to get advertisement right

I do not dislike advertisement. If you are a regular reader of my posts, then you might get that impression. For example, I have started a countdown for the downfall of Facebook when they first mentioned their stealth ad system. … Continue reading

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A Professor’s impressions on Facebook

Just came across a very good and elaborate article by Ian Bogost, professor at Georgia Tech about his impressions and analysis of Facebook. Calling himself a web 2.0 cynic, I think he did a very good job describing objectively is … Continue reading

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Opening up your Social Graph

John Battelle pointed me to an excellent post by David Recordon from SixApart. He talks about the possible privacy and security issues in sharing information on the Internet. He argues rightly that your Social Graph (your list of friends and … Continue reading

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A cold case of SNIF, or Social Network Invitations Fatigue

Just saw Robert Scoble, probably one of the world heaviest social network users (in number of networks and size of his network), exclaiming he isn’t going to try out any more new initiatives unless at least 100 people ask him … Continue reading

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