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The ZEN of Blogging

Yesterday I was invited to what turned out to be an excellent dinner with some of the best Dutch bloggers around. A few of them have an ambitious plan to organize an international blogging conference in the Netherlands and they … Continue reading

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How is the semantic web going to deal with human behavior?

I have read numerous posts  on the semantic web this past year or so. The latest one by Marshall KirkPatrick at ReadWriteWeb in which he writes about an academic that warns us to pay attention to the  question if the … Continue reading

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The unlimited power of social media is bound by my human limitations

Social media allow us to interact over content, anywhere, anytime. And we love it. Interaction is what makes web 2.0 valuable. While mainstream users are discovering and engaging in this interaction on services like Facebook and MySpace, the early adopter … Continue reading

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The always on myth is reduced in value to the electronic equivalent of a postcard

While I was in Greece for a 2 week vacation I decided to bring along just my iPhone to stay in touch with the rest of the world. I don’t make a habit of working too much on vacation, but … Continue reading

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The ZEN of my blogging

Hi everyone! Just got back from a 2 week vacation in sunny Greece. Met up with family, spent a lot of time at the sea and in Greek taverna’s, and virtually no contact with the outside world, except for a … Continue reading

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Do we really need privacy controls in Social Media?

A small discussion yesterday on Friendfeed after I posted a video that puts up a big warning about the way Facebook deals with your privacy. I do not know if any of the claims in that video are correct. Jason … Continue reading

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The Human Factor in Social Media (part 3)

Last week I started something that might take a while to finish. I called it the human factor in social media trends. For those of you that missed it, you can find two posts here and here and besides the … Continue reading

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Social Media is timely, get over it

A lot of interesting posts today all related to the effect social media has on the tech elite. Colin Walker kicks it of with a well written essay, followed by Sarah Perez and Frederic over at the last Podcast. Each … Continue reading

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Off to Disneyland

I’ll be visiting Disneyland Paris with my wife and kids the next few days. See you all in a few days 😉

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Would you be willing to pay for a web 2.0 service that provides value?

The dominant web 2.0 business model is the FREE business model. It comes in many different variants, but the most widely used are the freemium business model (I always thought Fred Wilson came up with that term, but he says … Continue reading

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The coolest job in the world

No, this isn’t about me or my next venture (will tell you about that some other time). My friend Casper has one of the coolest jobs in the world. Casper is a creative, a concept developer. He uses all sorts … Continue reading

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Times they are changing

After working for 10 years with the largest Dutch telecommunications operator I am leaving KPN. I have had an incredible time there. KPN took me in after I finished my PhD. My first job was a research position. Looking at … Continue reading

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Statistics on Friendfeed usage provide interesting insights

A small update: I just saw a post of Justin Smith (Inside Facebook)  interviewing Bret Taylor (co-founder of Friendfeed) about the difference between the Facebook and Friendfeed newsfeed. I don’t usually add links afterwards, but this one fits really well. … Continue reading

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Dreaming away about a user centric web

FactoryJoe wrote an interesting post earlier called “Relationships are complicated”. In this post he talks about the (technical) difficulties to support complex (on-line) relationships. He provides (an excellent) example of the way Facebook deals with this complexity, reducing your relationship … Continue reading

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Our biggest on-line threat might be the power of scale

In my previous post I spoke about the presentation Charlene Li gave about the future of Social Networks. I ended up analyzing what it would mean for advertisement. But the thought of everything being connected into one big social network, … Continue reading

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The future of Social Advertisment lies outside of Social Networks

Just a small update. Charlene Li has written her own post about the presentation she has given. Definitely worth a read. You can find it over here. I read a report on a talk Charlene Li gave on the future … Continue reading

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The mobile web experience needs fundamental rethinking

Michael Mace reports that mobile applications, or the development of software that runs on specific mobile platforms is dead. Michael Mace is an expert from the industry so he probably knows what he is talking about.  He writes: We told … Continue reading

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Facebook popularity will decline because of a wrong business model

In Dutch culture people rarely stand out of a crowd. There are a lot of sayings that (badly translated) essentially say something like: “just act normal, that’s crazy enough”, or “don’t stick your head out”. We all try to fit … Continue reading

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Browsing can be a family experience

The past few weeks I have been testing a new Firefox extension called Glubble. Disclaimer: I know the people behind the Glubble team and I am a fan of their work. Just a quick line on what Glubble is. Glubble … Continue reading

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