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How First Use helps you to focus on building a user centric service

I was thinking about the moment you decide to turn a great idea into a business. It’s a tough moment. There are so many things to think about.  The most important is understanding what problem you are trying to solve, … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 has brought democracy, but it comes at a cost

I read a few different posts this morning and they inspired me for this one. First there was a post by Betsy Schiffman writing about the Web 2.0 Expo. She writes: Now that the first burst of enthusiasm for social … Continue reading

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Are we putting the blame on the user now?

A lot of different stories this morning all in some way related to you and me. Yes, we, the users, are under fire. Haven’t noticed it yet? Well, let’s see what is being said about us. Mathew Ingram pointed me … Continue reading

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The myth of SocialAds, Beacon and Insights: it ain’t gonna work!

The countdown continues. After I decided to write a post on the downfall of Facebook as their stealth ad system is being revealed, we are now on another day after. The day after Mark Zuckerberg announced his 3 way ad … Continue reading

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Good news: the user is back, and he won’t be ignored this time!

After the dust clears from the Google answer to Facebook’s popularity, and the first applications of the new APIs are already showing up, it is now the time to start analysing what should happen next. Let’s get one thing straight. … Continue reading

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The web 2.0 bubble is building up pressure, who has a needle?

Steve Rubel wrote a nice article called “The web 2.0 world is Skunk Drunk on its own Kool-Aid”. He talks about his own career where he wrote many positive articles about any new site that would come along, until he … Continue reading

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