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How 475Bln customer views can lead to ZERO value

I noticed a TechCrunch article this morning talking about lay-offs at one of the top 5 advertisement networks Adbrite. It’s always sad when a company has to let people go, but that wasn’t really what drew my attention. It was … Continue reading

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On competition, web 2.0 sarcasm and watching television on Friendfeed

A few things that caught my attention this morning. First, an excellent review by Walter Mossberg on the new Google phone called G1. He describes many of its new features, strengths and weaknesses. My take on it? Competition is a … Continue reading

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A shakeout of unhealthy advertisement sponsored web 2.0 businesses

There is some talk this morning on the possibility of on-line advertisement collapsing due to the current financial crisis. Svetlana Gladkova notes that when looking back at the Great Depression advertisement spent remained healthy and asks herself if we are … Continue reading

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Tim O’Reilly nails the definition for web 2.0. Can we move on please!

Hugh Hutch Carpenter writes a good post that provides some extra explanation of Tim O’Reilly’s definition of web 2.0. Tim’s definition is: Web 2.0 is the business revolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the internet as … Continue reading

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Early adopters fail to answer the First Use question for Social Media

I read a few posts that weren’t related but did talk about a pattern I’ve seen before. First of all there is this excellent post by Zephoria on Facebook. She talks about the way Facebook “expects” people to use their … Continue reading

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A recipe to the elixer of life

Read an amusing post this morning by Kevin Kelley. In a post called “Temporary becomes permanent” he muses about how some things end up becoming permanent, even if it wasn’t intended that way: Most permanent things begin as a temporary … Continue reading

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Why First Use often determines the success or failure of a startup or technology

I’m not a classical early adopter or tech passionate. I hang around tech places, use services that are still in their early adopter phase (or trying to break out of it). I read a lot about new startups providing us … Continue reading

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The lack of a place called home on the web makes me an on-line refugee

We are rebuilding part of our house. We have a lot of space, but not enough rooms. We hired a local carpenter to help us out and he is doing a great job filling in our wishes. I help out … Continue reading

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Why you would pay for a great web service

I read a good post over the weekend of one of my favorite bloggers, Kevin Kelley. The post is entitled “People want to pay”. Kevin has written a number of posts on the FREE business model and good alternatives for … Continue reading

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comment fragmentation and friend spamming, the current web is broken

A few days ago I received a Tweet from jbussoli that said “@vanelsas forget comment fragmentation. Everyone is moving to post fragmentation with’s happening at both ends of the narrative.” He responded to an earlier post of mine in … Continue reading

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How User Interfaces can make or break a new service

Small Update: Just saw that Joshua Porter wrote a nice post in which he states that design (not just UI) is becoming increasingly important. Ties in nicely with this post 😉 One of the most difficult things to get right … Continue reading

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Why noise will be tackled by scaling down the social media conversation

If anything web 2.0 technology has provided us the capabilities to have a continuous 24×7 public conversation on the web. There are blogs, communication services like Twitter, content services like YouTube, search services to help us find the things we … Continue reading

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Advertisement holds web 2.0 in a death grip

Scott Karp has written a good post on why traditional advertisement fails on the web. I am not sure if I agree with all of his observations/explanations, but I do like his take on it. In the end it boils … Continue reading

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Followup: In a next evolution of the web public interaction will be less important

Yesterday I wrote down my thoughts on what the next generation might do on the web compared to our generation. My main point was that I felt they would find the public interaction that this generation is now discovering less … Continue reading

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In the next evolution of the web public interaction will be less important

One of the things that pops into my mind when I look at what most of us call web 2.0 is that this era can be marked as an era where every user can be a public figure. In the … Continue reading

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Dear Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, you don’t have to control my data to provide me value

Yesterday John Furrier and Robert Scoble dominated tech discussions when they wrote about the possibility of Microsoft buying Facebook and then locking Google out of part of the web (the Facebook Walhalla that is). It seems like a possible scenario. … Continue reading

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We don’t need more information or aggregation, we need inspiration

Being able to pass relevant information from one person to another has always been part of the evolution of mankind. When there was no technology we used storytelling. People would listen to the oldest, wisest, craziest people in their community … Continue reading

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Would you be willing to pay for a web 2.0 service that provides value?

The dominant web 2.0 business model is the FREE business model. It comes in many different variants, but the most widely used are the freemium business model (I always thought Fred Wilson came up with that term, but he says … Continue reading

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The Tech elite creates its own web 2.0 bubble

Kara Swisher created a little storm on TechMeme with a post called “Twitter, where no one knows your name“. In it she noted that no one really nows what Twitter (she asked a few friends). This created the usual river … Continue reading

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The noise in Web 2.0 is mainly a Tech Elite’s problem

Erick Schonfeld has a funny article today on TechCrunch in which he predicts/hopes that web 3.0 is about removing the noise. We all recognize the problem he describes. He is in so many different networks with so many followers that … Continue reading

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