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To be free we need to break free of web 2.0 thinking

You’re meeting someone at a party for the first time. He introduces himself to you. “Hi. I’m Tim Eastwood. I’m 29 years old, live in San Francisco. I’m married to Laura, have 3 children Joe, James, and Jenny.” During the … Continue reading


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A shakeout of unhealthy advertisement sponsored web 2.0 businesses

There is some talk this morning on the possibility of on-line advertisement collapsing due to the current financial crisis. Svetlana Gladkova notes that when looking back at the Great Depression advertisement spent remained healthy and asks herself if we are … Continue reading

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Piercing through the myth that always on and instant access are important

I got engaged in an interesting conversation this morning triggered by Robert Scoble. He wrote: ““We are in the National Press Club where a ton of the most famous newspaper front pages are on the walls. I turned to my … Continue reading

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Good news: the user is back, and he won’t be ignored this time!

After the dust clears from the Google answer to Facebook’s popularity, and the first applications of the new APIs are already showing up, it is now the time to start analysing what should happen next. Let’s get one thing straight. … Continue reading

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