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Commenting is easy, try blogging for a change!

Fred Wilson started a discussion this weekend suggesting that comments on blogs are often more insightful  than the blog post being commented on. He suggests that comments should be more prominent available in aggregating sites like TechMeme and Friendfeed. And … Continue reading

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You can’t claim an idea once it’s out there, just set it free

This weekend TechMeme shows that bloggers are pretty anxious about the new service called Shyftr. Shyftr is a new RSS service that allows people to comment on blog posts. The discussion is not taking place at the original blog, instead … Continue reading

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Twitter needs to be opt-out instead of opt-in

Scott Karp leads a TechMeme discussion when he confesses he has stopped using Twitter. Not because he doesn’t like it, but because there are downsides to it that outweigh the upsides. The addictiveness and relative ease to post and follow … Continue reading

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