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What do Skype, eBay, the iPhone, Robert Scoble, Friendfeed and noise have in common?

Rolf Skyberg of eBay has an interesting post up called “Skype: proof that Voice is not the killer app”. Rolf is an excellent pattern hound and he has come with another interesting pattern after he looked at Skype. Skype was … Continue reading

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The conversation never stops

If I would have to name one thing technology has brought us the past years it would be the ability to interact with each other. There are so many ways we can connect now that we almost need to hire … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 according to Rolf Skyberg of eBay

Marketingfacts pointed me to a nice presentation of Rolf Skyberg, disruptive innovator at eBay. Rolf discusses the evolution of the Internet and puts it into a historical context. When reading it this way, he shows us that the evolution to … Continue reading

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