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Facebook popularity will decline because of a wrong business model

In Dutch culture people rarely stand out of a crowd. There are a lot of sayings that (badly translated) essentially say something like: “just act normal, that’s crazy enough”, or “don’t stick your head out”. We all try to fit … Continue reading

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Browsing can be a family experience

The past few weeks I have been testing a new Firefox extension called Glubble. Disclaimer: I know the people behind the Glubble team and I am a fan of their work. Just a quick line on what Glubble is. Glubble … Continue reading

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A new corner in the future of advertising

John Battelle pointed me to an excellent article by Kevin Kelly called “A new corner in the future of advertising“. In this in-depth analysis Kevin suggests that the introduction of Google Gadget adds might lead to a future in which … Continue reading

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Freedom is worth at least 600Mln Dollar

The European Commission just fined Microsoft for an amount of some 613Mln US dollar (different news items seem to contradict each other on the amount, read about it here for example). That is a whole lot of money. But what … Continue reading

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