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It’s ok not to be a futurist

It doesn’t happen every day that someone tells me it is “ok” not to be a futurist, especially if that person is a Web celebrity. It happened to me today when Chris Brogan responded to a comment I wrote on … Continue reading

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Just because Google can track your friends doesn’t make it valuable

I have an interest in new technology. I can get fascinated by the things it can bring us. I get even more enthusiastic when technology can be applied in daily life to improve things. At the same time I’m not … Continue reading

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Customer engagement improves the First Use Experience

[disclaimer: this post is related to the experiences I have at my job at http://www.glubble.com] The most difficult thing to grasp when you are trying to build a consumer or mainstream service on the web is the notion that everyone … Continue reading

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Crossing the chasm is hard work but is well worth it

[Disclaimer: this post is related to my work at http://www.glubble.com] I haven’t been writing on my blog the past few days. Makes me a little sad. The cause for the lack of posts is my current workload. I promised to … Continue reading

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Early adopters fail to answer the First Use question for Social Media

I read a few posts that weren’t related but did talk about a pattern I’ve seen before. First of all there is this excellent post by Zephoria on Facebook. She talks about the way Facebook “expects” people to use their … Continue reading

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How First Use helps you to focus on building a user centric service

I was thinking about the moment you decide to turn a great idea into a business. It’s a tough moment. There are so many things to think about.  The most important is understanding what problem you are trying to solve, … Continue reading

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Why First Use often determines the success or failure of a startup or technology

I’m not a classical early adopter or tech passionate. I hang around tech places, use services that are still in their early adopter phase (or trying to break out of it). I read a lot about new startups providing us … Continue reading

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