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My pitch for the Web 2.0 EXPO 2008

Rolf Skyberg twittered me to publish something about my proposal I submitted to the web 2.0 expo 2008 conference. (this after I confessed to him that in a moment of inspiration while reading his blog entry about the conference, I … Continue reading

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Design of an Open Social Interaction Network: Human needs

After I posted some of my observations about flaws in web 2.0, I received a lot of positive and smart reactions. Becoming a bit overconfident I suggested that we might be able to aid future service design by exploring with … Continue reading

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The flaws in web 2.0 and how to correct them part 2

After I wrote my earlier post called “The flaws in web 2.0 and how to correct them” I was surprised by the really positive replies and also the quality of the discussion that seems to have been triggered by it. … Continue reading

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The flaws in web 2.0 and how to correct them

While there is lot’s of enthusiasm and sometimes over hyped investors reactions to what now is commonly known as web 2.0, there is also serious warning that it is flawed. I have written some earlier posts on it (here, here). … Continue reading

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