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Help the iOS developer community to innovate on inter-app communication

The Apple iOS platform allows inter-app communication using a technology called Custom URL Schemes. A Custom URL scheme can be used to open a specific app from another app. Try typing the URL “twitter:” followed by your user name in … Continue reading

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Freemium is better than Free

A few interesting posts drew my attention this morning. First there was Dave Winer who predicts that on-line advertisement will be dead. Not because it will completely disappear, or that it’s growth will slow down considerable. But because it will … Continue reading

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Free is not dead. It’s the accompanying advertisment model that needs to be killed

[disclaimer: this post is both personal and work related] Tim O’Reilly (finally) challenges current web 2.0 practice, providing free ad based services. In a post here he is quoted: “(These are) pretty depressing times in a lot of ways,” O’Reilly … Continue reading

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My Social Media saturation could be caused by a poor business model

The past few weeks I have been in a crazy roller coaster preparing a public launch for a new service. It’s a lot of work, there are so many little and big details to take care of, a team of … Continue reading

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Why you would pay for a great web service

I read a good post over the weekend of one of my favorite bloggers, Kevin Kelley. The post is entitled “People want to pay”. Kevin has written a number of posts on the FREE business model and good alternatives for … Continue reading

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Free is a clever disguise for a concealed trap

I have been writing a lot about the problems I see with the current main stream web 2.0 business model. Free but ad based services.  There are several issues with that business model that I summed up in a post … Continue reading

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Qtrax: same old wine wrapped in a new bottle

This morning a lot of posts discuss the announcement that Qtrax has signed deals with all 4 major music labels for the peer2peer free ad-based music download service. Interesting enough, after everyone has started quoting each other on this “break … Continue reading

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