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Freemium and the art of letting it sink in for a few weeks

There is so much to read, so much to say, and no time to do all of that. This week several interesting posts about my favorite business model, Freemium appeared. All of them triggered by Chris Anderson’s new book, “Free”. … Continue reading

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5 reasons why a User-Centric business model always wins

A few posts drew my attention this weekend. first there was Chris Anderson talking about the economics of giving it away. It seems to me that Chris is changing his tone of voice in FREE. Whereas he often has focused … Continue reading

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Freemium is better than Free

A few interesting posts drew my attention this morning. First there was Dave Winer who predicts that on-line advertisement will be dead. Not because it will completely disappear, or that it’s growth will slow down considerable. But because it will … Continue reading

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The best business models focus on user value

Fred Wilson just wrote a post called Free versus Paid. In it he says: It’s much better, in my opinion, to go with the freemium model, give a version of the service away for free to all comers, get a … Continue reading

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Would you be willing to pay for a web 2.0 service that provides value?

The dominant web 2.0 business model is the FREE business model. It comes in many different variants, but the most widely used are the freemium business model (I always thought Fred Wilson came up with that term, but he says … Continue reading

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Friendfeed competes with TechMeme as a tech news aggregator

Friendfeed is on TechMeme again. This time we hear from Hugh Hutch Carpenter that some early adopters are moving towards Friendfeed now. According to Hugh Hutch people are moving away from the social services they have been using towards Friendfeed. … Continue reading

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The Next Frontier after web 2.0

Marshall KirkPatrick provides an interesting overview from the Web 2.0 Expo. In his post Marshall talks about the next frontiers after the API. Everyone that turns on a platform these days also delivers an API to allow 3rd party developers … Continue reading

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