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The TechCrunch and HackerNews effect on Zwapp

I’ve been extremely quiet here the past few months. really missed the blogging, but when you are running a small startup and doing about thirty different jobs in it, it seems blogging is just not possible anymore in the 24 … Continue reading

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I do not recommend that you read this

Recommendations are a powerful feature on the social web. They represent real value, just look at the king of recommendations Amazon.com making huge revenues with it. And while I do look at them at times, I am always a bit … Continue reading

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Twitter needs to be opt-out instead of opt-in

Scott Karp leads a TechMeme discussion when he confesses he has stopped using Twitter. Not because he doesn’t like it, but because there are downsides to it that outweigh the upsides. The addictiveness and relative ease to post and follow … Continue reading

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A Professor’s impressions on Facebook

Just came across a very good and elaborate article by Ian Bogost, professor at Georgia Tech about his impressions and analysis of Facebook. Calling himself a web 2.0 cynic, I think he did a very good job describing objectively is … Continue reading

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