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Google Wave is a plumbing project for the web

So, Google Wave makes people unproductive? Says Robert Scoble in a good post where he writes down his first impressions with the new service. Robert says: It is noisy, but the noise often happens way down in a wave deep … Continue reading

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The potential power of Google Wave is far bigger than its demo

I was just reading this CNET post on wave. Rafe Needleman and Stephen Shankland (both working for CNET) answer questions about Google Wave in an attempt to explain what it is. Sadly, they don’t really get past the Google Wave … Continue reading

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Shifting the balance of power inside out solves many web 2.0 issues

What are the most important aspects for a User-Centric web to me? In a User-Centric web: I get to own my data and my interactions I control my privacy Services travel along with me, instead of me traveling to those … Continue reading

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10 reasons why Google just reinvented online communication

This is a huge development. Techmeme is going wild over Google Wave. Google has focused on the one thing that is important in the web, communication. They have taken apart and reinvented, and integrated all forms of communication and build … Continue reading

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