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Social Relevancy may turn the web into a next edition of the Lonely Planet

(disclaimer: this post is written using an iPhone and a crappy Internet connection from a sunny beach in Greece. It is bound to contain (spelling) errors 😉 ) I just read a good post by Alex Iskold about social search. … Continue reading

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The linking economy fails because social currency became financial currency

Trust is a difficult subject. How do we trust someone? It’s pretty difficult in real life. We tend to trust people we know well or people that are trusted by people that we know well. We gain trust by interacting … Continue reading

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Wikipedia, KNOL, who needs them?

The Internet provides us an overwhelming amount of information. Search engines, with one that binds them all Google, provide us easy access to whatever we want. So far this fairytale. Search engines are fine to find very specific pieces of … Continue reading

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