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On Facebook, status updates, retweets, and the universal law of signal versus noise

Maybe we should consider to rename this ‘social media’ era into the ego broadcasting era. That thought struck my mind when reading a WSJ post entitled ‘How Facebook ruins friendships’. The author discusses her fatigue with friends that send her … Continue reading

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5 reasons why Friendfeed fails to appeal like Twitter does

I’m sitting on a hill with a beautiful view over the sea. While on vacation, I am reading an excellent post by Robert Scoble in which he provides his views on why Friendfeed doesn’t seem to be growing as fast … Continue reading

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Social Media is bound by our human limitations

The definition of Social Media according to Wikipedia is: Social media is content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies. At its most basic sense, social media is a shift in how people discover, read and share … Continue reading

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The real value of Twitter’s ‘Suggested users feature

Jason Calacanis has a long post up about the value of a Twitter suggested user. He explains that being a suggested user on Twitter is more valuable than buying a superbowl ad: Everyone loves a timely or fascinating question and, … Continue reading

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The network effect in web 2.0 is also its biggest tragedy

Robert Scoble, nicely served by his friend Loic Le Meur, started a discussion on Friendfeed in which he states that Twitter is broken and that unfollowing everyone might be the only solution. You can find it right here. The story … Continue reading

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Privacy is not dead, it is distributed unevenly

A famous oneliner from the CEO of Sun, Scott McNealy, in 2001 was “Privacy is dead, get over it”. It sounds true. This generation is growing up with Google, social networking, and having all relevant data on the web. We … Continue reading

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On diminishing network effects in web 2.0, social media and human limitations

This post is a followup of a series I did last year on ‘The Human factor in social media’. Technology allows us to be “always on”. To be part of a never ending conversation. Simply plug in, anywhere, and you … Continue reading

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The idiocy of Social Media conversations

I read a post by Robert Scoble just now that made me laugh out loud. He observes that the discussions over at Friendfeed regarding the financial crisis lack depth and knowledge. In the past 18 hours I’ve read literally thousands … Continue reading

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The unexpected dangers of Social Media

Yesterday I was going through some of my feeds when I saw something that made me stop and think for a while. It was an automatic update of Robert Scoble to Friendfeed. Robert turns out to be a Dopplr user … Continue reading

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Who am I to say Robert Scoble and Mark Cuban are wrong?

Just read two excellent posts on the advantage of long term video. I first read Robert Scoble’s analysis who then pointed me to another good article by Mark Cuban. Robert says that long video will win over short video big … Continue reading

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Microsoft and Facebook will never succeed in locking down part of the web

I don’t usually respond so quickly to news. If you are familiar with my blog, it’s not a breaking news kind of blog. But the rumors that Microsoft might be buying Facebook are now quickly taking over TechMeme. Robert Scoble … Continue reading

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What do Skype, eBay, the iPhone, Robert Scoble, Friendfeed and noise have in common?

Rolf Skyberg of eBay has an interesting post up called “Skype: proof that Voice is not the killer app”. Rolf is an excellent pattern hound and he has come with another interesting pattern after he looked at Skype. Skype was … Continue reading

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Our fear of not being there when it happens

Several posts drew my attention the past few days. Their scope entilily different, but the underlying social behavior seems to be the same. First there was Robert Scoble writing about “Not productive enough? Turn off the Internet”. He has been … Continue reading

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Friendfeed a destination site, that is soooo web 2.0!

Michael Arrington writes this morning about the fast growing aggregator service called Friendfeed. After launch, just one month ago the ex-Google founders already see a steady climb of users. Most likely because a number of power users like Robert Scoble … Continue reading

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Big brother is watching me

A lot of different, seemingly unrelated, things are happening right now in the tech world. Looking through different feeds most of the discussions are about: The mash-up of content seems to be important right now. I see it everywhere. People … Continue reading

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Just a few minor wishes for 2008

As this is my first post in 2008 I will take the opportunity to wish you all a fantastic 2008. I hope that some of your wishes will come true (or else you wouldn’t have anything to wish for) and … Continue reading

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The most important things in life

This image is taken from a Calvin and Hobbes comic book I have at home, called Scientific progress goes boink, by Bill Waterson. This has got to be one of the best Christmas poems I have ever seen in a … Continue reading

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Twitter makes me a groupie, I’d rather be a friend

I have recently decided to give Twitter a try. Out of curiosity, as I read a lot about it. The most compelling argument to give it a try was provided by Robert Scoble (couldn’t find the original post, sorry) who … Continue reading

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Is Steve Ballmer really smart or really dumb?

A lot of posts appeared this morning on Steve Ballmer who has made some provocative statements about Facebook. They seem to contradict each other. Robert Scoble writes that Steve Ballmer still doesn’t understand Social Networking. Robert makes a couple of … Continue reading

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A cold case of SNIF, or Social Network Invitations Fatigue

Just saw Robert Scoble, probably one of the world heaviest social network users (in number of networks and size of his network), exclaiming he isn’t going to try out any more new initiatives unless at least 100 people ask him … Continue reading

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