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About that one fatal mistake

[disclaimer: this post is related to my job as CEO in a previous startup. It’s aim is to learn from the mistakes I made there. I’m leaving out names as I do not wish or care to point the finger … Continue reading

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How First Use helps you to focus on building a user centric service

I was thinking about the moment you decide to turn a great idea into a business. It’s a tough moment. There are so many things to think about.  The most important is understanding what problem you are trying to solve, … Continue reading

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Why First Use often determines the success or failure of a startup or technology

I’m not a classical early adopter or tech passionate. I hang around tech places, use services that are still in their early adopter phase (or trying to break out of it). I read a lot about new startups providing us … Continue reading

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Early adopters and Silicon Valley are the easy way to failure

I’ve been wondering about the way many of the new startups in Silicon Valley (and other parts of the world) seem to be executing the same roll out scheme. A typical startup probably writes code, creates a Beta for invites … Continue reading

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