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A personal manifesto for a User-Centric web

There are walls all around us. We live our lives realizing that we have to live with rules and limitations. We have laws to obey,  values to live by, families we are part off, countries we live in, services we … Continue reading

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Everybody loses in the battle over our online identity

Facebook announces user names. It generates a lot of buzz on Techmeme. TechCrunch reports the obvious (vanity), but Chris Messina is the only one that is actually analyzing what Facebook is doing and what impact it can have on our … Continue reading

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The Open, Social web needs plumbers

Chris Messina has a long and good post up about the open Social Web. He hits on a topic I have written about many times as well: Moreover, by commoditizing certain fundamental features, service providers will move to compete on … Continue reading

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On diminishing network effects in web 2.0, social media and human limitations

This post is a followup of a series I did last year on ‘The Human factor in social media’. Technology allows us to be “always on”. To be part of a never ending conversation. Simply plug in, anywhere, and you … Continue reading

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Interaction will drive the evolution of the web

I’ve often said it, and I’ll say it again. The real value of social media lies in the ability for anyone to interact over anything. It is the interaction that creates the value. Smart people like Tim O’Reilly will tell … Continue reading

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The linking economy fails because social currency became financial currency

Trust is a difficult subject. How do we trust someone? It’s pretty difficult in real life. We tend to trust people we know well or people that are trusted by people that we know well. We gain trust by interacting … Continue reading

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Tim O’Reilly nails the definition for web 2.0. Can we move on please!

Hugh Hutch Carpenter writes a good post that provides some extra explanation of Tim O’Reilly’s definition of web 2.0. Tim’s definition is: Web 2.0 is the business revolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the internet as … Continue reading

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Advertisement holds web 2.0 in a death grip

Scott Karp has written a good post on why traditional advertisement fails on the web. I am not sure if I agree with all of his observations/explanations, but I do like his take on it. In the end it boils … Continue reading

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The future of social networks lies in interaction (not perse in voice)

Tim O’Reilly writes a good analysis about the announcement of MySpace and Skype that these will integrate MySpace IM and Skype Voice capabilities. Tim predicts that Social Networks will turn into smart address books, that a social network operating system … Continue reading

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(Re-) discovering great things on the web

Tim O’Reilly wrote a nice post today on the effects of self fulfilling prophecies on social media. One of the examples he provides (read his article, it’s longer and nicer than my brief summary here) is that if everyone uses … Continue reading

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Writing a good Facebook application is hard

Just saw a very nice analysis done by Tim O’Reilly and his research team about Facebook applications.  A very small excerpt from his post called “Good News, Bad News about Facebook Application Market: Long Tail Rules The good news has … Continue reading

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