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The human factor in social media (revisited)

Last year I wrote 3 (rather long) thought experiments I pretentiously called ‘The human factor in Social media’. You can find part 1, part 2, and part 3 here. I was reading them back recently and thought about what came … Continue reading

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Growth and traffic are no guarantee for a profitable online business

37Signals has a great post up, entitled “The bar for success in our industry is too low”. The author, Jason, takes several examples where respectable media (NY Times, GigaOM) take a story of a web company showing growth, traffic, and … Continue reading

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Why the real-time web isn’t important

I have been thinking a bit about this notion of a real-time web. Having access to real-time information, as soon as it is published, seems to be a possible Achilles heel for Google according to some (here and here). People … Continue reading

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How 475Bln customer views can lead to ZERO value

I noticed a TechCrunch article this morning talking about lay-offs at one of the top 5 advertisement networks Adbrite. It’s always sad when a company has to let people go, but that wasn’t really what drew my attention. It was … Continue reading

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Beacon and other forms of advertisement have no place in Social Interaction

Facebook is bringing us back Beacon again. According to Nick over at All Facebook Beacon had not really disappeared. It was just less intrusively in sight. A little storm appeared on Techmeme over it.. For the very few of you … Continue reading

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Early adopters fail to answer the First Use question for Social Media

I read a few posts that weren’t related but did talk about a pattern I’ve seen before. First of all there is this excellent post by Zephoria on Facebook. She talks about the way Facebook “expects” people to use their … Continue reading

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Why you would pay for a great web service

I read a good post over the weekend of one of my favorite bloggers, Kevin Kelley. The post is entitled “People want to pay”. Kevin has written a number of posts on the FREE business model and good alternatives for … Continue reading

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