Interview with German Public Radio on Google Android announcements

Yesterday I was contacted by Marcus Schuler from the ARD, German Public Radio. They were going to broadcast a technology item about the recent Google Android announcements on a show called DeutschlandFunk, Computers und Kommunikation.

Marcus had found my weblog via TechMeme where my user perspective analysis on the Google Android announcement was posted. He asked me if I would contribute to this broadcast. We did an interview in the evening by phone, and today the show was broadcasted. The show itself is in German, although the interview with me was in English. Turns out Om Malik was interviewed as well.

Sorry for this shameless plug. If interested, the interview is available here. The show lasts for about 4 minutes and starting at 1 minute 46 seconds they have taken 2 soundbites from me.

It was fun to do, thanks Marcus.


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2 Responses to Interview with German Public Radio on Google Android announcements

  1. paddy261158 says:

    There are a couple of new resources about Android mobile. A community for Android developers has been set up called which aims to be a hub for developers using the platform.

    Another site called has been set up for everyone to discuss anything about Android mobile.

    Hopefully these will be useful as Android becomes more popular and is talked about more.

  2. Alexander van Elsas says:

    Just found the written article of the radio interview here. If you can read German 😉

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