The TechCrunch and HackerNews effect on Zwapp

I’ve been extremely quiet here the past few months. really missed the blogging, but when you are running a small startup and doing about thirty different jobs in it, it seems blogging is just not possible anymore in the 24 hours there are in a day 😦

Yesterday we finally saw the efforts of my team come alive when first TechCrunch, and then Hacker News picked up the story about Zwapp. We went from zero traffic on our site to a huge spike with thousands of people reading the post and looking at/trying Zwapp. The nr of retweets about Zwapp is nearly impossible to follow for us  🙂 . It still amazes me that TC and Hacker News have such a deep impact on visibility!

Zwapp is born out of a (personal) frustration that the current app stores (both Apple’s and Google’s) are becoming so big that it is nearly impossible to find apps that are relevant to me. It seems to be a common issue, as every time when I meet friends we put our phones on the table and we start comparing apps together. Zwapp is just that. Instead of providing you access to a list of hundreds of thousands of apps via a market, Zwapp lets you create your own little App Market and share that with your friends.

Zwapp tries to detect your apps on your device, and builds up a profile for you. With Instagrammish simplicity (we love that app) you can connect with friends on Facebook and Twitter and share your apps with them.  You can discover new apps via your friends and via our live (Facebook-like) feed that shows you all the apps your friends are working with now.

I met Robert Scoble yesterday at TNW 2011 conference and he immediately gave our servers a hard time when he started connecting with his thousands of followers. As we are still small, he didn’t find a lot of friends to connect with yet, but that will improve over time. BTW, Zwapp extends to the web, so you can see and share apps there too. Check out @scobleizer’s profile here, and here is mine too.

We’re really happy with the coverage and the fun people seem to have looking around each others apps and sharing cool ones. If you want to give it a try then visit our web site here, or pick up the app from iTunes.

Let me know what you think!


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2 Responses to The TechCrunch and HackerNews effect on Zwapp

  1. Akram says:

    Well done, and welcome back.

    I’m no expert but the prospect for your app’s network’s growth is promising. IMO, it’s only a matter of time before it gets bundled as a feature.

    Are you willing to accept a buy-out from a major appstore? Or is it too early to ask this question..

  2. vanelsas says:

    Hi Akram, thanks!

    We’re not going to buy-out! We just got started, and you ain’t see nothing yet 😉 There are tons of things to do and we will work hard to make Zwapp a useful social app network for you and your friends 🙂

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