Announcing the Appsterdam Zwapp Channel



Yesterday I was invited on stage with Mike Lee where he officially kickstarted the Appsterdam movement. Instead of a product pitch I decided to talk about the things I can do to help the Appsterdam community grow and become successful. To explain, a tiny product explanation first.

Zwapp is a new social app discovery platform, now available on iOS, and with help from the Appsterdam community soon on Android as well. The idea behind Zwapp is that you can find better apps via friends. The App Store is filled with 500K apps and growing. It becomes increasingly hard to find the best apps for you.  When you install Zwapp (try it here) it will attempt to detect the apps you already have on your device (don’t worry, you remain in control of privacy) and it provides you with super-easy functionality to connect to your friends. You can then share the best apps together, follow live app action in our live feed and search for more cool people with great apps. Zwapp in its bare essence is an alternative for categories on iTunes.


Zwapp is all about finding great apps through great people. And to that extend I’m announcing the Appsterdam Zwapp channel. What is that you ask? It’s actually 3 things:

  1. I’m calling all Appsterdam developers to register on Zwapp (cc me or put Appsterdam in your profile) and we will group you all together in a new channel on Zwapp. Every user on Zwapp will be able to follow the Appsterdam channel and instantly see all the cool stuff you are using yourself. You will not only be able to share apps, but also content related to these apps. It is a unique way for app developers to be in contact with each other and with people who actually user your apps! Do you want to know who uses Zwapp right now? Here are (just) a few of them. Wanna know who are playing AngryBirds HD? That is what Zwapp is about, its people who love apps.
  2. If you are looking for Beta testers of a new app, then look no further. Zwapp has thousands of passionate app lovers and we can organise Beta testers for you.
  3. If you want to promote your app and increase downloads, then Zwapp will help you do that. We are working on a promotion and distribution layer on top of this passionate community and to kickstart that new platform we will help promote and distribute your app. We will offer a simple SDK to integrate cool Zwapp stuff into your app and will help push your app through the community. The first 100 Appsterdam developers that get into contact with me will get a free campaign! And if you are not yet part of the Appsterdam movement, you can still become part of it, so what are you waiting for 🙂

The Appsterdam Zwapp Channel is the thing I can contribute to Appsterdam. It will be a live channel of great app developers meeting passionate app users. It can be a Beta channel for your new apps, or a place where you can kickstart your viral promotion of the cool stuff you are working on now. Help us build out this community and it will serve us all as a great place to promote your apps!

ps. While you are at it, consider visiting,  an initiative to build the largest free and open source of Custom URL Schemes for iOS developers.

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