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Dear HN: I am not interested in your f*cking opinion

I’m increasingly annoyed by our commenting behavior on the web. There are those that take the time and effort to share thoughts, opinions, services and content with the world, and there are those, sitting on the sideline behind a screen … Continue reading

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Announcing the Appsterdam Zwapp Channel

Yesterday I was invited on stage with Mike Lee where he officially kickstarted the Appsterdam movement. Instead of a product pitch I decided to talk about the things I can do to help the Appsterdam community grow and become successful. To explain, … Continue reading

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How can you help the Appsterdam movement that @bmf just kickstarted

Yesterday Mike Lee (@bmf) kicked off the Appsterdam movement in a big room full of passionate developers in Amsterdam. He spoke of his dream, to make Amsterdam the central innovation hub for App Developers. Unlike in Silicon Valley, Amsterdam and … Continue reading

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Help the iOS developer community to innovate on inter-app communication

The Apple iOS platform allows inter-app communication using a technology called Custom URL Schemes. A Custom URL scheme can be used to open a specific app from another app. Try typing the URL “twitter:” followed by your user name in … Continue reading

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The TechCrunch and HackerNews effect on Zwapp

I’ve been extremely quiet here the past few months. really missed the blogging, but when you are running a small startup and doing about thirty different jobs in it, it seems blogging is just not possible anymore in the 24 … Continue reading

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The iPad is a great social computing device

I was reading a post on my iPad about the usefulness of the iPad and I thought I’d chip in some of my own experiences. For me the iPad has a couple of huge advantages and several important drawbacks. The … Continue reading

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The Wired website will soon be “no longer needed”

If you are Wired and you write an article “The Web is dead. Long live the Internet”, then you are bound to get people in the technology sector to read and respond to it. It’s a crap title for a … Continue reading

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5 predictions for 2010

Since everyone seems to be doing them I thought I’d give a shot at some predictions for 2010. No, I don’t carry a magic ball. And since I am primarily  interested in the usage of technology, instead of the technology … Continue reading

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My 2 cts on Facebook buying Friendfeed

So Facebook buys Friendfeed? It’s all over the bloghosphere. Here’s the announcement. Initial consent seems to be that it was inevitable, and that the Friendfeed crowd is now worried about the continuity of the service. My thoughts? I think this … Continue reading

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Social Relevancy may turn the web into a next edition of the Lonely Planet

(disclaimer: this post is written using an iPhone and a crappy Internet connection from a sunny beach in Greece. It is bound to contain (spelling) errors 😉 ) I just read a good post by Alex Iskold about social search. … Continue reading

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5 reasons why Friendfeed fails to appeal like Twitter does

I’m sitting on a hill with a beautiful view over the sea. While on vacation, I am reading an excellent post by Robert Scoble in which he provides his views on why Friendfeed doesn’t seem to be growing as fast … Continue reading

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Status update: the future of the web is here!

/rant on I read a number of posts in the last week that seem unrelated but ended up making me think about this social media circus we are in. Unless you are deaf, blind, and have been sitting on a … Continue reading

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Demystifying Social Media for companies

What does it take to be a great Social Media Expert (GSME)? Let’s look at a few basic characteristics. The GSME is someone that knows his grand mothers pearls of wisdom and re-uses them to his advantage on daily basis. … Continue reading

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On Apple, Facebook, Google, Whuffie and why customer lock-in sucks

What is the difference between customer lock-in and customer value It’s huge! Customer lock-in is a marketeers wet dream. It is a bonus received at the end of the year. It is an internally focused measurement. It is EGO. If … Continue reading

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Facebook may become the next online ‘smoking’ addiction

What if Facebook becomes the new web? This could become a reality for many users worldwide, given their unbelievable growth of 600.000 new users every day. Facebook already has 140Mln registered users. If they continue to grow at this rate … Continue reading

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Customer engagement improves the First Use Experience

[disclaimer: this post is related to the experiences I have at my job at] The most difficult thing to grasp when you are trying to build a consumer or mainstream service on the web is the notion that everyone … Continue reading

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On privacy, online advertisement and turning things upside down

Two interesting posts this morning that made me think we are doing things the wrong way around. Zephoria wrote an excellent piece on privacy and used an example where a user within Facebook was able to get access to other … Continue reading

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The need for parental involvement with young children online

[Disclaimer: this post is related to my work at] I’m really excited to announce that we are partnering with Highlights magazine to promote parental involvement with young children on the web. It’s a challenge any parent with children faces. … Continue reading

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Tim O’Reilly nails the definition for web 2.0. Can we move on please!

Hugh Hutch Carpenter writes a good post that provides some extra explanation of Tim O’Reilly’s definition of web 2.0. Tim’s definition is: Web 2.0 is the business revolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the internet as … Continue reading

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You can track and trace all you want, but you’ll never understand me

Rolf Skyberg just wrote a “Seth Godin”-like post (his words)  I like a lot. He describes why it is so difficult to understand customers on the web, using a real-life example (go over there and read it, it’s good). He … Continue reading

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