Glubble for Families is live now

[Disclaimer: I am responsible for the new Glubble for Families release, so this post is related to my work at Glubble. If you want to follow what is happening over at Glubble I suggest you take a look at our glubble blog here.]

After months of hard work the Glubble team has released the new Glubble for Families. We’re really excited about this. Glubble for Families has gotten a total redesign and comes with a ton of new features. We have worked with our user community to make Glubble an on-line experience for the whole family. The Glubble web site has gotten a total revamp and is looking great too.

If you want to know what Glubble for Families is about, we have created a short video for you that explains it all.

We are getting great feedback from our users already and the press has picked up on it too. There are great posts already over at Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, VentureBeat, CNET, and more. Very exiting.

The past few months have provided me more challenges, experiences and learnings than ever. Building a service for families and children, making sure they do not have to worry about the (complex) technologies, getting the communication and the usability right, a business model that is truly user-value based.

I think I will be writing some more about those experiences later. For those of you that have followed me on my blog you will find that many of the things I find important in web services have gotten a place in Glubble for Families.

For now I’ll leave you with a special tribute the Glubble team has made for Ian Hayward. Ian has been the driving force behind Glubble and it was him that once started the journey that got us here today. Glubble for Families is now used in 125 countries around the world!


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2 Responses to Glubble for Families is live now

  1. Special appreciation to Ian and congrats to you and your team. You’ve done an outstanding job updating and improving what was already a great product in ways that are driving wide, mainstream marketplace adoption.

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