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On diminishing network effects in web 2.0, social media and human limitations

This post is a followup of a series I did last year on ‘The Human factor in social media’. Technology allows us to be “always on”. To be part of a never ending conversation. Simply plug in, anywhere, and you … Continue reading

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Our need for interaction locks us up

MySpace has over 200 Mln registered users. Facebook follows fast with 140Mln registered users, and they are adding an astonishing 600.ooo new users every day. A rough estimate suggests that more than half a Billion people are registered in social … Continue reading

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Old fashioned advertisement tax gets in the way of our desire to view online video

Interesting post this morning on a new technology by Auditude that allows the identification of online video using the video content itself to create electronic signatures. This technology is more reliable than tagging as video’s that are posted on networks … Continue reading

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In a User Centric Web I get to control my data

I’m a big fan of the concept of a user centric web. That is, a web where things evolve around the user. In a user centric web there aren’t walled gardens. In a user centric web, the user is in … Continue reading

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Think opposite, or keep on dreaming?

Sometimes when you look at a specific situation or problem it helps to think opposite. When you think opposite or try to do things entirely against existing rules it helps you to understand the system or to find new ways … Continue reading

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Social networking may be declining, social interaction won’t

I read a Business Week article this morning which suggests that the current MySpace generation is becoming fed up with the ad bombardments on the site. They seem to be spending less time on MySpace because of it. A quote … Continue reading

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Gaming will become the social network of the future

The other day I noticed that my kids and a few friends were all staring at a screen while 2 of them were handling XBOX consoles while playing a game. What caught my attention was that I realised that it … Continue reading

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Good news: the user is back, and he won’t be ignored this time!

After the dust clears from the Google answer to Facebook’s popularity, and the first applications of the new APIs are already showing up, it is now the time to start analysing what should happen next. Let’s get one thing straight. … Continue reading

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Google hits back hard with its OpenSocial plans but will the user benefit?

Well, there it is. TechCrunch reported it first (but everyone else has the same scoop!). Google is now revealing its social networking plans. Under the projectname OpenSocial, Google will launch a new set of APIs that application developers can use … Continue reading

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Dear Yahoo, Microsoft, Google e-mail. Forget Facebook, start innovating!

I read an article this morning by the Wall Street Journal on social features in e-mail. In this article they state that e-mail providers are trying to gain back ground from social networking sites like Facebook  by adding social features … Continue reading

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The future of social networks lies in interaction (not perse in voice)

Tim O’Reilly writes a good analysis about the announcement of MySpace and Skype that these will integrate MySpace IM and Skype Voice capabilities. Tim predicts that Social Networks will turn into smart address books, that a social network operating system … Continue reading

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10 ways to improve web 2.0 and move into an era of true interaction

I have expressed my opinions about the flaws in web 2.0 and how to correct them earlier and have gotten some very smart replies to that. I believe that in the end it is all about interaction between people. My … Continue reading

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Putting trust in your fans, a truly disruptive measure?

Just saw a nice article here about the release of the new album of Radiohead. Why am I writing about that? Well, because Radiohead has decided to dismiss of conventional distribution via the large record labels and instead let’s the … Continue reading

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Ad supported mobile phones will never work!

Just saw an announcement that MySpace will launch an ad supported mobile phone here and here. Other initiatives are rising from Fox (Foxsport), Photobucket etc. Forget about it. I personally don’t think it will work anytime soon. Why? Because the … Continue reading

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Social networks and the language/cultural barrier

Matthijs van den Broek pointed me to a press release by Comscore about the usage of Social networks in Germany and France (German Social Networking Community Reaches 14.8Mln). MySpace seems to be a clear winner here, and Facebook only reaches … Continue reading

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Matching advertisement on consumer profiles

Several posts about new advertisement initiatives today. Saw a post here discussing the announcement of MySpace that they will start using user profiles to customise the adds you get to see. And Google is now turning widgets into adsense, leveraging … Continue reading

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Internet doesn’t evolve around you

Scott Karp writes about his experiences with the new Yahoo mash service. His article draws up all kinds of questions about social networks and their targeted audiences. The difficulty with all of these networks is that one size doesn’t fit … Continue reading

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